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WSL Horizontal Vibrating Centrifuge

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ML Horizontal Vibrating Centrifuge

AML Horizontal Vibrating Centrifuge

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Years of practice have proved that the stainless steel wire used to make the sieve basket is made of wear-resistant materials with good profiling process and special welding process, which is crucial to the production of high-quality centrifuge baskets. TSX Centrifuge Basket Manufacturer is at the international leading level in this field.

WSL ( VM ) Horizontal Vibrating Centrifuge Baskets

Centrifuge Basket

ML ( H ) Horizontal scraper Centrifuge Baskets

Vibrating Screen

AML ( FC ) Vertical Scraper Centrifuge Baskets

Manufacturing Factory For Centrifuge Basket

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TSX Centrifuge basket manufacturing has an independent technical department and design department and can work closely with your engineers. This not only enables us to provide high-level technical support but also provides a complete solution without affecting centrifuge.

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