How Is TSX Vibrating Screen Rpm?

The number of vibration motors commonly used in the vibration screening equipment industry is generally divided into three categories, namely, two-stage vibration motors, four stage vibration motors, and six stage vibration motors. The motor of vibrating screen can be divided into vertical vibrating motor and horizontal vibrating motor, both of which have 2/4/6 grades.

Generally speaking, the single flange structure of vertical vibration motor makes it easy to install and maintain, simplifies the host structure, reduces the cost of the host, and makes the host handle more materials, which is mainly used in rotary vibration screen models.

As a special asynchronous motor integrating two sources of vibration, the horizontal vibration motor has a wide range of applications. It is a new, energy-saving and universal vibration source for various vibration equipment, and has been used in linear shale shaker, mining shale shaker, vibration platform and other equipment.

During the operation of the vibrating screen, the motor will drive the exciter in the shale shaker, and the exciting force will force the screen body to drive the screen. The speed of the exciter can be set according to the operating conditions of the shale shaker, and the speed of the shale shaker can be adjusted.

The general reason for the vibration disorder during the operation of the shale shaker is that the motor output is uneven, so the motor can be adjusted. Later, the shaft is worn. If the bearing can be repaired, it can be repaired in a timely manner. If it cannot be repaired, the shaft can be replaced..

At present, the high speed of vibrating screen equipment is 3000 revolutions, which is generally high-frequency vibrating screen equipment. How to vibrate the vibration frequency of vibrating screen? The vibration frequency can be obtained by increasing the speed of the motor or the reduction ratio of the transmission system.

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