How To Adjust The Amplitude Of Vibrating ?

Vibrating screen is an important screening equipment in the production line of mine gravel, chemical industry and other industries, often used for screening particles or dry materials. The amplitude is an important technical parameter of the vibrating screen, which affects the screening efficiency and production. In general, for the convenience of use, in the design of the vibrating screen, the amplitude can be adjusted, if the vibrating screen amplitude can be reduced, on the other hand, by adjusting the amplitude to control the speed of the equipment screening. But what about the amplitude of the shaker? How do you adjust the amplitude?

A, vibrating screen amplitude

Amplitude refers to the vibration amplitude of the vibrating screen, refers to half of the working stroke of the screen box, expressed by A. The unit is mm. Such as: the amplitude of the ordinary linear vibrating screen in 4-6 or so, the screen box travel for 8-12mm, the screen box travel is usually also called the full amplitude.

Two, the vibration screen amplitude adjustment steps.

1, first judge the vibrating screen in the working state, the amplitude can meet the requirements of screening operation, if not, you can adjust the amplitude;

  1. Turn off the power supply;
  1. Remove the shield on the vibrator;

4, vibrator shaft on each pair of balance block in the outermost one, to change the vibration force generated by the vibrator;

5, put the balance block in the same percentage of the maximum excitation force position, lock the eccentric block;

6, pay attention to the vibration source on the vibrating scree.

Three, different adjustment methods.

If the vibration source is the vibrator, can increase (reduce) the weight of the eccentric block (increase, reduce the deputy eccentric);

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