How To Choose The Correct Vibrating Screen Equipment Among Many Equipment?

With premium, thicker, higher strength housings, our vibratory mining equipment provides high speed and precise separation in the mining industry. Our technology extends machine life without requiring as many operators.

A full range of crushing and screening equipment and systems, designed for the most challenging applications, such as handling concrete with the ease of harder high-capacity rebar. Process the most wear-resistant hard rock without equipment fatigue. Strong enough for these applications, it’s tough enough no matter what you’re shredding.

Banana Vibrating Screen

Large processing capacity and high efficiency, and are widely used in various mineral processing: classification, desliming, and de-intermediation.

Circular Motion Vibrating Screen

The circular motion vibrating screen is specially designed for the quarry screening of materials. It is a new type of multi-layer and high-efficiency vibrating screen.

Flip-flop Vibrating Screen

The acceleration of Flip-flop vibrating screens can 50 G, and 13-18mm amplitude, allowing the screen to handle sticky or fine coal 3-6mm, without blinding or clogging of screen panels.

High Frequency Vibrating Screen

High frequency screen is used for material de-watering.The processing capacity can be more than 100 tons/hour (depending on the feeding size)

Horizontal vibrating screen

Horizontal vibrating screen is used for ore washing, classifying, de-sliming, de-intermediation and dehydration, especially for occasions where the net height of the workshop is limited or the material is required to stay on the screen surface for a longer time.

Sieve Bend

The Sieve Bend is a simple and efficient de-intermediation, desliming, and dehydration equipment.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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