How To Explain The TSX Vibrating Screen?

Vibrating screen is used in many places and can be seen in almost all fields of life. TSX vibrating screen is a kind of vibrating screening machinery and equipment which is suitable for dry screening of wet fine-grained difficult-to-screen materials, and is the vibrating screening machinery and equipment for handling difficult-to-screen materials in China. For the bulk material industry to provide: for desludging, desmearing, dewatering, classification required for all kinds of vibrating screen, flaccid sieve, circular vibrating screen, arc sieve, centrifuge and other washing equipment.

Circular Motion Sand Mesh Sieve
Vibrating screen powder machine has the advantages of high efficiency, easy operation, complete models and various functions, which can meet the needs of dry and wet materials screening. Vibrating screen is the process of separating large materials into different particle levels through one or several layers of vibrating screen surface is called screening.

Vibrating screen is to make the material to be screened and the screen surface relative movement, so that part of the particles through the screen hole many times, the sand, gravel, minerals and other materials into different grades according to the particle size of the vibrating screen machinery.

Vibrating screen machinery screening process is generally continuous, screening raw materials to the screening machinery (referred to as screen), less than the size of the screen hole material through the screen hole, known as screen products; greater than the size of the screen hole material from the screen surface continuous discharge, known as screen products.

The structure of vibrating screen includes: screen box, side plate, excitation beam, lifting beam, cross beam, vibration motor, buffer spring, screen surface, etc.


TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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