How To Operate The TSX Vibrating Screen?

Vibrating Screens, the high-performance TSX vibrating screen offers efficient, high-quality screening. With the benefits of efficient operation, ease of operation, and customizability, it provides everything you need to do your best work. To do during the operation of the vibrating screen. Each screen has its own features, different functions, different vibrators, different feed sizes, and different functions.

TSX has various types of vibrating screens, flaccid screens, circular vibrating screens, curved screens, centrifuges, and other washing equipment required for desliming, desmearing, dewatering, and grading. Large processing capacity, long service life, easy maintenance, low price, etc., favored by the majority of customers.

Check whether the spring and each screw are loose before starting; whether the oil quantity between each bearing meets the requirements; whether there is any crack between the screen body and the spring;

whether there is any wear or fracture of the triangle belt; whether the screen mesh mouth is clean and there is no broken mesh or blockage, and the dust collector air door should be closed before starting the equipment. Add material to the inlet of the vibrating screen to make the vibrating screen open to making the screening, and discharge from the outlet after screening.

In the process of use, you can change the screen type and mesh according to the size of the material. When the vibrating screen operates, the vibrating screen will produce very unstable movement. Vibrating crushed stone through a layer or multi-layer vibrating crushed stone surface will separate the bulk material into different particle grade materials and will be subject to the vibration of the vibrating screen for screening, separating the large pieces from the small pieces.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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