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The sieve bend screen structure consists of four parts, high-frequency vibration motor, first-class fixed grid screen and two-stage graded fixed grid screen, vibration spring and chassis

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The characteristics of sieve bend Screen movement are high frequency, small amplitude, the inclination of the sieve surface and the sieve rate are in anyway, the greater the inclination of the sieve surface, the faster the flow speed, and the material is in the sieve surface for jumping movement, so the productivity and screening efficiency are higher. Vibrating screens are suitable for various screening operations in coal preparation plants, and there are many types.

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    Advantages Of Sieve Bend Screen

    The screen surface of the sieve bend screen is composed of many parallelly arranged sieve strips, arranged in the same direction or perpendicular to the direction of the feed flow on the sieve. The fixed screen is simple in construction, long in life, especially does not consume power, no moving parts, and the cost of equipment and use is low. Therefore, although the production capacity and screening efficiency are low, they are still widely used.

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