What Are The Characteristics Of TSX Triple Deck Vibrating Screen?

Vibrating screen is inextricably linked to coal mine, sand and gravel quarry, construction, etc. Vibrating screen can screen and dewater the materials, which can meet the requirements of the materials.
 For three-layer vibrating screen, the material can be screened with multi-precision, three-layer vibrating screen as the name implies, there are three layers of screen plates but for the safety of the equipment, the diameter of the multi-layer vibrating screen will be smaller than the diameter of the single-layer vibrating screen, and the output will be relatively small.

And do not put too much material when you put in, otherwise it will affect the life of the vibrating screen. The production price of multi-layer vibrating screen is also higher than single-layer vibrating screen.
  Multi-layer linear screen literally refers to a layer or more than two layers of linear screen equipment, material classification, etc. need to use multi-layer linear screen, but the screening effect of multi-layer linear screen is not guaranteed. Usually, the higher the number of layers of vibrating screen, the worse the screening effect, the greater the screening output, screening accuracy can not be guaranteed, so the vibrating screen manufacturers usually recommend that customers buy more three layers of linear screen, so the screening effect is better.
Save time and effort also saves workshop expenses, with the accelerated pace of production, a variety of materials in the screening needs to be screened at the same time a variety of different kinds of material specifications, do not have to be replaced like a single layer screen. For the vibrating screen, several specifications of the sieve, sieve material, respectively, from their respective outlets.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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