What Are The Disadvantages Of The Vibrating Screen?        

In the design process, due to the lack of understanding of the structural strength of each component, it is easy to cause stress concentration in production, resulting in side plate, supporting beam, sieve plate and other fracture phenomena, affecting the normal production activities.
The reliability is relatively poor, which is mainly manifested in the high failure rate of the key components such as screen frame, vibration exciter and so on. Because the vibrating screen works in several links of the washing process system, these failures will certainly cause the whole process system to stop.

The equipment lags behind and lacks innovation; at present, the production technology of domestic screening machine still stays between the 1980s and 1990s, and the equipment of most enterprises are imitated, especially in the innovation of materials.
Because the inner ring bears a constant centrifugal force while the load of the outer ring fluctuates and the load is relatively large, the bearing is easy to heat, thus shortening the service life of the vibrating screen.
The naming of screening equipment is not standardized, and even there is no unified enforceable standard, resulting in poor compatibility between manufacturers’ products, which is not conducive to the development of the industry in the long run, and even restrict the development of the industry.

The structural strength of the material can not meet the requirements. At present, there are still many gaps in the research on materials between China and foreign countries, so that the life of domestic high-frequency vibrating screen is generally lower. At present, the life of domestic high-frequency vibrating screen is generally 3 to 5 years, while that of foreign countries is about 8 years, resulting in an increase in production costs and a waste of resources.
 The replacement of the accessories of the vibrating screen is more complex, such as screen, bearings and other components need to be replaced regularly. Hydraulic pressure is widely used abroad, so it is easy to disassemble.

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