What Are The Explanation About The TSX Vibrating Screen?

Vibrating screen is a widely used screening machinery in enterprises, used as the screening, grading, washing, desintermediation, dehydration of materials. Screening equipment technology level and quality of the pros and disadvantages, related to the process effect of good or bad, production efficiency and energy saving degree, so as to directly affect the economic benefits of enterprises.

Sieve Bends Sand Mesh Sieve

And vibrating screen with its simple structure, processing capacity is too: reliable work and other advantages in all screening equipment has an absolute advantage, very possession of about 95%. In recent years, the preparation of vibration screening technology research attaches great importance to, such as strengthening vibration parameters, large-scale equipment, screening machine parts of the three, since the promotion of synchronous technology “application, the emergence of new screening machine is around the development of vibrating screen.

Vibrating screen is widely used in various industrial departments of material separation or multiple granularity level screening equipment, sieve sieve surface by different mechanical movement is the material on the screen for throwing motion and roll motion, because the material has a certain speed, thus has a certain kinetic energy, different material particle size of its kinetic energy.

The greater the quality of the material, the greater the kinetic energy The more severe the greater the kinetic energy of the material movement, the large size of material particles to overcome the friction on the surface of the screen to the upper material is active, in the process of movement have constantly to overcome the friction between the boring, the movement to the material of the upper, and small granularity material particles because of its kinetic energy, son of material in the continuous casting, turning to the lower material, Finally, the material is separated on the vibrating screen surface.


Along the whole screen surface, the trajectory of a point is a series of ellipses of different sizes, and the material ejection Angle at different points of the screen surface is different, which is conducive to the loose, stratification and separation of the material. Domestic and foreign flour, rice milling, feed, food, mining and other industries use vibrating screen for bulk material cleaning and grading.

SXJ100 type vibration cleaning screen is a cleaning process in the removal of large, medium, small and light miscellaneous equipment, through the specifications and sieve hole will be the material according to particle size classification and different granularity of products. The biggest characteristic of the equipment is simple structure, smooth operation, small volume, good cleaning effect, small energy consumption, widely used.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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