What Are The Main Advantages Of TSX Vibrating Screen?

Although there are many kinds of sieve, the vibrating screen is used most in the concentrator.

vibrating screen is a kind of sieve commonly used in concentrator plant. It has its advantages in mechanical structure, vibrator, sieve box, support device and transmission device:

Vibration screen is composed of vibrator, sieve box, bracket or suspension device and transmission device components.There are two types of vibrators in two types according to eccentric weight configuration. Eccentric heavy configuration mode is better to block eccentric type.

The sieve box of vibrating screen is composed of sieve frame, sieve surface and its pressure making device. Its screen frame also consists of side panels and beams, so vibrating screenframe is hard enough.The supporting device of vibration screen has lifting type and seat type. Seat type vibrator screen is simple to install and low installation height, normally is a priority.

vibrating screen usually uses triangle belt drive device, the structure of vibrator screen is simple, can choose the number of vibrator.

(1) The sieve body with low amplitude, high vibration times to do strong vibration, eliminate the blockage of the material, so that the sieve has a higher screening efficiency and production capacity.

(2) Small power consumption, simple structure, operation, maintenance and maintenance is more convenient.

(3) Because of the high vibration screen production string and efficiency, the required screen area is smaller than other screens, which can save the plant area and height.

(4) A wide range of application, suitable for pre-and pre-screening and inspection screening.

(5) Vibrating screen structure is simple, dismantling the sieve surface is very convenient.

TSX Screen

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