What Are The TSX Vibrating Screen Wire Mesh Machines?

There are many kinds of vibrating screen wire mesh machinery, TSX’s vibrating screen are banana screen, linear screen, arc screen, circular vibrating screen, etc. Some of them can use polyurethane screen plate, stainless steel screen plate, or polyurethane border stainless steel screen plate, just like banana screen is to use polyurethane border stainless steel screen plate, there are perforated.

Slit, preparation, bar screen plate are made of stainless steel metal, linear screen is the same as banana screen, in using Slit sieve plate will have a dewatering function, slack sieve is different, it can use a separate slack sieve screen plate is made of polyurethane, but also can use stainless steel perforated, slit, preparation, bar sieve plate, high frequency sieve for wire mesh can only use polyurethane border stainless steel sieve slit sieve plate, circular vibration sieve for stainless steel sieve plate can use perforated, bar, preparation sieve plate; arc sieve is different, sieve plate with The curved screen plate is made of stainless steel.

  Stainless steel screen plate for vibrating screen, stainless steel screen mesh with regular screen holes, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, non-magnetic to the material for screening and grading and other functions, with a large opening rate of the screen plate, screen slit is not easy to block, high screening efficiency, long service life, etc., in the use of vibrating screen is also convenient for the removal and replacement of the screen mesh, more convenient.
These vibrating screen machines with wire mesh can be used for sieving, dewatering, desliming, desmearing, etc. They are widely used for ore screening in mines, gravel and sand screening in sand and gravel plants, etc. They have great use.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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