What Is The Description Of The TSX Vibrating Screen?

Main functions of vibrating screen description

With the further development of China’s economic construction and scientific research, new vibrating screens will continue to appear, and their use in various sectors will also increase, and will play an increasingly important role.

In engineering application

In the past 30 years, Professor Wen Bangchun has popularized and applied the theoretical achievements and application achievements to engineering practice. For example, large vibration exciter deflection self synchronous vibrating screen, inertial resonance probability screen, vibration crusher with new structure, vibration cooler with new structure, etc. have been successfully applied in the industrial sector, and have achieved significant economic and social benefits, and won more than 10 national invention awards, national science and technology progress awards and provincial and ministerial awards.

Innovation of design theory and method

The relatively systematic dynamic design theory and method of vibrating screen machinery, especially the dynamic design theory and method of nonlinear vibrating screen loading machinery, as well as the comprehensive design method with dynamic optimization, intelligent optimization and visual optimization as the content, are put forward to provide theoretical reference and basis for the design of high-quality such products, especially for the research and development of new products.

Theoretical Innovation of Nonlinear Dynamics

Summarize Professor Wen Bangchun’s long-term systematic research and experiment on vibration and wave utilization technology and equipment working theory, and create a theoretical basis for multiple branches of shale shaker utilization engineering (such as the application of vibration synchronization and control synchronization theory, the utilization of nonlinear vibration, the utilization of wave and wave energy, etc.)

The vibrating screen description is generally divided into fine screening and mining screening equipment.  They know little about the structure and components of the vibrating screen. The equipment principle and structure of the vibrating screen are introduced below. Large mining vibrating screen usually consists of three parts: the exciter, the working body and the elastic element: the exciting force that produces periodic changes makes the working body produce continuous vibration. The commonly used vibrators are inertia type, elastic connecting rod type, electromagnetic type, hydraulic or pneumatic type, etc. Fine screening vibrating screen is also a small vibrating screen, such as rotary vibrating screen, straight screen and other small equipment will not be introduced.

There are also many forms of vibrating screens, such as circular vibrating screens, relaxation vibrating screens, dehydration vibrating screens, etc.The fine solid particles and mud liquid will flow to the mud pit through the screen hole together.

Circular Motion Sand Mesh Sieve

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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