What Is The Difference Between Crusher And TSX Vibrating Screen?

There are many machines used in mines, coal yards and other places on the market. Crushing vibration screen is one of them, which is different from TSX vibration screen to some extent.

There are three common types of crushing and TSX vibrating screen: jaw crushing screen, counter-impact crushing screen and conical crushing screen, whose main function is to crush ore. Material is crushed after entering the crushing bin and discharged at the outlet.

There are seven types of TSX vibrating screen: horizonal vibrating screen, banana vibrating screen, high-frequency vibrating, sieve bends, flip-flop vibrating screen, circular motion vibrating screen and grizzly feeder. Their main functions are to classify, desilt, dehydrate and de-introduce materials.

Sieve Bends Sand Mesh Sieve

The feed size of horizonal vibrating screen and banana vibrating screen is 0-300mm, which is used for the classification of large and medium size coal or non-coal materials: sieve bends and high-frequency sieve are dewatering; Flip-flop vibrating screen uses flip-flop vibrating screen plate and viscous and difficult materials.

The feed size of circular motion vibrating screen is 0-300mm. The RDQ single-axle vibrator is used for primary and secondary material classification. Grizzly feeder is used for feeding and pre-screening, and its feed size is 300-1000mm.

The TSX vibrating screen is cleanly sealed with high-quality US HUCK ring groove rivets to avoid corrosion of the wet material to the bolt joint. The exciter of TSX vibrating screen uses SKF special vibration bearing, which has super exciting force and long service life, light structure, good sealing, and fast heat dissipation.

The sieve panel has a large opening rate, the sieve seam is not easily blocked, the sieving efficiency is high, the wear-resistant service life is  long, and the disassembly and assembly are convenient.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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