What Is The TSX Coal Shaker?

Coal is a solid, black, combustible mineral, not at all pretty, but not in the way of antiquity.

Today’s literati and poets use ink to praise its 110 million years of cultivation as martial arts, how many vicissitudes never moved respect. A roar of smoke for warmth. This song is a concise and comprehensive expression of the role of coal in our daily life.

Life is inseparable from it, and many industrial production is also inseparable from it. According to the characteristics of coal, a vibrating screen is used to screen and grade coal

The sieve can be moved. The vibrator for the adjustable eccentric block structure, driven directly by the motor amplitude, screen box turn a circleThe trajectory of the motion.

Coal classification vibrating screen round vibrating screen sealed coal screening machine.


1, can realize the product multi-granularity classification.

2, the whole screen surface is divided into two sections before and after the realization of two sections of tilt Angle is slightly different, the realization of screening.

3, by increasing the number of screen mesh layer, to solve the secondary crushing of a retaining material particle size content or large size span caused by the material layer thickness, screening is not sufficient bottleneck.

4, fully closed structure, meet the requirements of environmental protection.

5, stable operation, energy saving, easy to operate.

Our company can according to customer requirements, specially customized products, and a series of high-quality after-sales service, is the choice of most importers at home and abroad. Products are designed and manufactured in strict accordance with national industry standards. On the basis of absorbing and digesting the advanced technology of Germany, the United States, Japan, the former Soviet Union and other countries, we have developed a variety of domestic first-class vibrating screen, crusher, feeder and other products

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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