What Is The TSX Dewatering Screen Design?

In mining machinery, the use of dewatering screen is essential. The working principle and performance advantages of dewatering screen are introduced below.

Working principle of dewatering screen:

The belt coupling is used to drive two independent vibrators for synchronous reverse operation. The new high-efficiency vibrating dewatering screen is designed with double oil pumps; In normal use, only one oil pump works.

On the one hand, the hydraulic cap opening device is convenient to use. On the other hand, observation through the front door and side door is convenient for multi-directional investigation, equipment maintenance and time reduction. The maintenance is very simple, which is far more time-consuming than the traditional vibrating dewatering screen.

Performance advantages of dewatering screen:

  1. 1. The new dehydration screen has two functions of dehydration and recovery. It is simple in structure, convenient for maintenance and operation, and saves investment cost and floor space.

The side plate of the machine body is equipped with reinforcing plates, the bottom is equipped with supports, and the bottom is equipped with horizontal bars. The outlet is supported by triangular steel plates. The plates are thick.

  1. From the perspective of structure, its screen body and motor are not bundled structures, that is, they are independent individuals. A very obvious feature of this form is that if the motor needs to be installed or replaced, it will save users a lot of trouble. It can be replaced directly without separation from the screen body.
  2. Good shock absorption effect. For dehydration equipment, vibration is a common phenomenon, but if the vibration frequency is too high, it will produce noise and affect workers, and will speed up the loosening of bolts and other small parts, which is not conducive to the continuous use of equipment.When designing, our company installed a spring for it, which increased the cushioning and had a good shock absorption effect.
  3. The sieve plate is made of polyurethane. The sieve plate is an important accessory on the dehydration screen. Because the quality of the materials screened or dehydrated by the dehydration screen is closely related to the quality of the sieve plate and the fineness of the workmanship, it is necessary to use a high abrasion resistant polyurethane sieve plate.
  4. In addition to the above two points, we also installed a stiffening plate for the body of the dewatering screen. This stiffening plate is relatively thick and not very durable. It can provide a support for the feed opening, which greatly improves the service life of the equipment.
  5. The new high-efficiency vibrating dewatering screen replaces the traditional vibrating dewatering screen for the sand washing and recovery process. There is only one sand washing and recovery mode. The equipment can adopt a variety of sand washing recovery equipment according to the sand washing recovery needs of different materials. On the one hand, it can reduce the investment in various sand washing recovery equipment in the sand washing recovery production line and save production costs; on the other hand, it can reduce the human investment in evacuating inappropriate materials.

The bearing position shall be constant temperature, and the oil temperature shall be above 15 ℃. If the oil temperature is continuously 15 ° C and higher than 70 ° C, a shutdown signal will be sent to the main engine; The oil pump circulates automatically. Compared with the traditional vibration dehydrator, the output can be increased by 35%, and the particles are uniform, most of which are cubes.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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