What Is The Vibrating Screen For Sand?

The main types of vibrating screen: product advantages and disadvantages: high efficiency, light quality, complete and diverse series, many levels, for dry material screening can meet the demand.

For high moisture, adhesion materials, the model is not suitable, vibration when working to make the material more tightly adhered to the screen surface, causing material congestion or forced to stop. Due to the limitation of working principle, the energy consumption of this machine is relatively high, especially in the condition of large output. In addition, the work noise and dust are heavier

Vibrating screen is a common supporting equipment in the sandproduction line, plays a key role in the sandproduction line, screening all kinds of stone powder. Different types of vibrating screen in the sandproduction line application is different, therefore, a good understanding of the type of vibrating screen, is beneficial to the production line configuration is reasonable.

A, sand vibrating screen product introduction.

In recent years, the development of mining vibration equipment is very rapid, stone field widely used a sand vibrating screen. It has an approximate circular trajectory, which we can also call a circular  sand vibrating screen.

Sand vibrating screen

Two, the working principle of sand vibrating screen

Sand vibrating screen at work, screen box side plate placed on the vibrator depends on cylinder type eccentric shaft shaker and partial block conversion amplitude, through the triangle belt to vibrator eccentric block began to rotate at high speed, rotation process will issue a large centrifugal force, screen box can do a certain amplitude of circular motion, The impact force is passed to the material tilted on the screen surface so that it can continuously produce throwing motion.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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