What Is Vibrating Screen Bearing?

Vibrating screen bearing is often used in ore screening vibration mechanical equipment, vibrating screen machinery, why is often used in such equipment, because the bearing seat is one of the most critical components of the vibrating screen. The working condition and condition of the vibrating screen bearing seat is very bad, the humidity of the working environment is relatively large, and the dust particles are more the speed of the bearing seat is high.

The temperature is high, so when the speed is high, there will be a strong vibration impact, which leads to its work load is very large.

Because the vibrating screen side plate cannot be replaced, the vibrating screen installed after repair cannot be restored to the original installation state, and is more prone to loose. The bolt loosening can not be found in time, which leads to the difficulty of fastening and loosening the vibrating screen bearing seat.

Vibrating screen bearing is divided into raceway inner ring and raceway outer ring, which is assembled with drum roller bearings. And is divided into two kinds: a conical inner hole, the other is cylindrical inner hole.

The vibrating screen bearing has two rows of rollers, one column mainly bears the load on one side, but also can bear the axial load of any column. It has a high radial load capacity, which is more suitable for heavy loads or vibration loads, but it also has limitations, such as being unable to withstand pure axial loads. This kind of bearing outer ring is a spherical shape, because the spherical aligning performance is good, so it can compensate the coaxiality error.

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