Which Parts Of TSX Vibrating Screen Need To Be Lubricated Regularly?

Although the TSX vibrating screen does not need to use lubricating oil in its normal work, we still need to check the TSX vibrating screen once a year. For example, check the lining plate and trim the two screens. We need to remove the vibration motor for inspection and replace the lubricating oil for the motor bearing.

The maintenance of the swing screen should be carried out before starting the machine. At this time, it should be manually and carefully checked whether the motor connecting flexible piece rotates smoothly, and whether there are obstacles around the equipment.

At the same time, it should also be checked whether the bolt connections of the swing screen are secure, safe, and reliable, to ensure that all bolts are not loose, and that there is no abnormal noise between the components during starting and running, it is better to ensure that the safe distance between the box and the surrounding fixtures is greater than 80mm. We still recommend making the support frame when using the swing screen to hang the spare screen surface.

Start the TSX vibrating screen when detecting the space-time load. After the start, feed materials to the feeding port for production after confirming that there are no abnormal conditions and ensure that the equipment can be stopped only after the materials on the screen surface have gone. Otherwise, it will cause unnecessary damage to TSX vibrating screen.

Before leaving the factory, each TSX screen machine shall be tested for various dynamic and static performance with professional instruments to ensure that the products are qualified.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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