Which Problems Usually In Vibrating Screens?

There are many ways to classify vibrating screens. We often use electromagnetic vibrating screens, circular vibrating screens, linear vibrating screens, etc. The latter two belong to inertial vibrating screens, which are commonly referred to as vibrating screens. In daily production, vibrating screen will encounter various problems, such as poor screening quality, overheating bearings, abnormal sound, incorrect technical indicators, etc.

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The reasons for the abnormality of the vibrating screen during operation are as follows:

① The vibrating screens is installed incorrectly, which is basically unacceptable, or the center of the exciter shaft and the transmission shaft deviates too much (if it is connected by a universal coupling, it is relatively convex).

② There are foreign matters stuck between the behavior department of the shale shaker and the fixed departments such as chute and hopper.

③The sieve plate is not firmly fixed or damaged, causing secondary vibration.

④The vibration exciter assembly is not safe, such as double box type vibration exciter, when the target angle of two vibration targets of the vibration exciter is different. The target angle of vibrating targets on both sides of sieve plate will be different.

⑤The large vibrating screen with two box type vibrators adjacent to each other is prone to abnormal operation after several times of major repairs, such as torsional vibration, material deviation, screen side plate breakage, etc.

In fact, the purpose of the resultant force of the exciting force is determined by the pain position of the pain block, that is, the correct position of the pain block depends on the correct position of the two gears meshing. Because gear engagement will change the purpose of resultant force indicator and exciting force, if the purpose of resultant force indicator of two vibrators presents an included angle, torsional vibration will occur on the shale shaker.

Similarly, when the bolt holes of the flange plates at both ends of the drive shaft adjacent to the two vibration exciters are misaligned, the same situation occurs as above. Therefore, when these situations occur, the vibrating screen will not operate normally, and the torsional vibration is especially dangerous to the vibrating screen.


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