What Are The Advantages Of Tsx-Aury’s Polyurethane Panel Screen?

polyurethane panel screen is a material of sieve plate, usually suitable for vibrating screen products such as linear vibrating screen, circular vibrating screen, banana vibrating screen, high frequency screen, etc. Classification or auxiliary vibrating screen for dehydration, the working principle is relatively simple, that is, the materials to be screened are placed on the polyurethane panel screen, and the vibration frequency depends on the adjusted frequency through the high vibration of the vibrating screen, that is, by adjusting the rotation of the vibrating motor Speed, driven by the exciter, the raw material used in TSX-AURY’s polyurethane panel screen is a polymer polyurethane elastomer, which can make the poured polyurethane panel screen have high resilience, high load-bearing strength and It is more wear-resistant.

For the polyurethane panel screen, because it plays the role of screening, the more screen holes the better, and the larger the diameter of the hole, it can filter more materials to the greatest extent, but if the diameter of the hole is too large If the size is large and the quantity is large, it is easy to break the sieve plate and cause unnecessary losses. Under the same circumstances, it is not easy to find a balance point. Multiple tests are required to ensure that unnecessary losses will not occur during use.

TSX&AURY is also committed to providing customers with larger opening area and better elasticity. flexible polyurethane mesh. According to the different requirements of customers, TSX&AURY adopts advanced production technology and mold design that has undergone multiple confirmations and tests, and strives to combine the excellent performance of high opening area and longer life to meet the requirements of efficient separation.


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