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TSX ML Horizontal Vibrating Centrifuge In China

Diversified Use Of ML Horizontal Vibrating Centrifuge

  • ML Horizontal Vibrating Centrifuge 1
  • ML Horizontal Vibrating Centrifuge 2
  • ML Centrifuge
    ML Horizontal Vibrating Centrifuge 3
  • ML Horizontal Vibrating Centrifuge 4

Different types of ML Horizontal Vibrating Centrifuge

Rotating Mechanism:

Centrifuges of optimization design incorporate oversized high precision and intensity differential mechanism, import SKF bearings for long trouble-free operation, low noise. New structure scraper for smooth operation. The machine design also facilitates even basket loading reducing dynamic vibration.

Less moving parts in the TSX ML series centrifuge design means efficient, reliable operation, and lower downtime and maintenance costs.

High rotate speed, slime recovery, and drainage efficiency.

All moving parts are enclosed in a protective cover, easy to operate reliably

Vibrating Section

The ML centrifuge incorporates a professional torque overload protection device, and an oil supply system protection device.

Machine Section

The ML Centrifuge housing, scraper, and feed chute are all covered with high-density Alumina wear tiles to reduce wear and extend the machine service life.

Lubrication System

An independent lubrication system is used for lubrication, cooling, and cleansing. The system is equipped with an oil circuit protection function to ensure the operation safety of the system with less maintenance.

3 Deck Circular Motion Vibrating Screen Details

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