Can You Solve The Common Problems Of Vibrating Screen?

Vibrating screen is a kind of screening equipment that can be classified, dehydrated, deslimed, deslimed and sorted. The vibration of screen body can make materials loose, layered and screened to achieve the purpose of material separation. The screening effect of vibrating screen not only has a great impact on the product value, but also has a direct impact on the efficiency of the next operation.

1、 Bearing of vibrating screen is heated

Generally, the bearing temperature shall be kept within the range of 35~60 ℃ during the trial run and normal operation of the shale shaker. If the temperature exceeds this value, cooling treatment shall be carried out. The main reasons for high bearing temperature are as follows:

2、 The bearing radial clearance is too small

Too small radial clearance of the shale shaker bearing will cause excessive wear and temperature rise of the bearing, mainly because the bearing carries a large load with a high frequency and the load is always changing.

Solution: It is recommended to use large clearance for the bearing. If it is an ordinary clearance bearing, the outer ring of the bearing can be ground into a large clearance.

3、 Parts of vibrating screen worn or broken

Some parts of the shale shaker may be seriously worn or even broken after long-term operation. Common worn and broken parts include spring spring, bearing, beam and screen frame.

  1. The spring is worn or broken

The spring should be an important part for vibration reduction and noise reduction of the vibrating screen. If the spring is worn or broken, it will not only produce loud noise, but also cause disorder of the objects on the screen.

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Solution: Replace the spring in time to prevent production accidents.

  1. 2. Broken beam

The fracture of cross beam is mainly due to the long working time under the critical frequency, the looseness of a large number of high-strength bolts fastening the side plate, the serious deformation of the spring, and the large difference between the left and right heights, resulting in the fracture of cross beam; It is also possible that the weight error of the eccentric block is too large, which causes damage to the structural members and fracture of the beam.

Solution: stop the machine to replace the damaged structural members and beams and tighten the bolts; Adjust the mass of the eccentric block.

  1. 3. Broken screen frame

The screen frame fracture is generally caused by the shaking of the vibrating screen frame.

Solution: The side plate can be thickened, or the side plate near the shock absorber can be thickened locally (or additional plates can be added) to enhance the rigidity of the whole screen frame.

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