Compared With Ordinary Vibrating Screen, What Are The Advantages of TSX High-Frequency Screen?

The rationality of the selection of vibrating screen directly affects the quality of the entire sand and gravel production line, which requires great attention. With the development of the times, the traditional vibrating screen has been unable to meet some new engineering needs, resulting in substandard engineering quality or reduced engineering economic benefits.

With the development of science and technology, high-frequency screen, as a new type of screening equipment, has many obvious advantages. This paper compares the traditional screening equipment and high-frequency screening equipment from several aspects, showing the comprehensive cost performance of high-frequency screening equipment.

As a very advanced screening equipment, high-frequency screen has many advantages, mainly including the following:

(1) Compared with traditional screening equipment, high-frequency screening not only has high vibration frequency, but also has small amplitude, which can quickly complete the screening task.

(2) The vibration intensity of traditional sieving equipment is several times of that of traditional sieving equipment, and the phenomenon of aggregate clogging the sieve aperture will not occur.

(3) There are a wide range of screening types. Most aggregates can be screened through high-frequency screening or self cleaning.

(4) The equipment has an advanced equipment structure, which covers a small area and can be used between rooms.

(5) In the screening work, there will be no large amplitude and little interference to the foundation.

(6) In actual operation, compared with traditional screening equipment, the operation cost is lower, which increases the economic benefits of the project, but the introduction and installation of equipment require relatively large capital investment.

Compared with ordinary vibrating screen, high-frequency screen has the following advantages in equipment performance:

  1. Frequency, amplitude, motion track parameters

We mainly made a comparative study on three kinds of screening equipment, namely linear screen, circular vibrating screen and high-frequency screen. Through comparison, we found that the highest frequency of these three screening equipment is 3-5 times higher than that of high-frequency screening, and the frequency of ordinary circular vibrating screen is higher than that of linear screen.

The linear screen has the highest amplitude, which is stimulated by the circular vibrating screen, and the high-frequency screen has the lowest amplitude. The motion track of linear screen is generally straight line or broken line, circular vibrating screen is generally irregular elliptical motion track, and high-frequency screen is zigzag motion track.

  1. Production efficiency and environmental protection

According to the comparison of various performances, we found that high-frequency screen has great advantages in screen material output, which can be about 3 times of that of traditional screen equipment. The traditional circular vibrating screen can achieve about 80% screening effect, but the high-frequency screen is higher than the traditional screening equipment. The traditional screening equipment is basically only applicable to the screening of wet materials, but high-frequency screening can basically handle all aggregates, with a wider range of use.

Compared with environmental protection performance, high-frequency screen has the advantages of small dust and low noise. When the screen needs to be replaced, the high-frequency screen can be quickly replaced, so that the working efficiency of the screen equipment is higher.

The main defect of the traditional round vibrating screen is that it is easy to block the screen, which does not occur in the high-frequency screen, and improves the working efficiency of the screen equipment. High frequency screen has continuously higher working efficiency.

lower installation cost and energy consumption, and better implements the national concept of sustainable development. Through the specific comparison of the above aspects, we found that the high-frequency screen completely meets the actual needs of the gravel system engineering and can be widely used.

Compare the cost of high-frequency screen and circular vibrating screen:

  1. Civil engineering cost

The civil engineering and installation cost of the high-frequency screen is about 55000 yuan, the equipment procurement cost is about 87000 yuan, the construction and installation cost is about 925000 yuan, the civil engineering and installation cost is about 120000 yuan, the equipment procurement cost is about 250000 yuan, and the one-time investment in the construction and installation cost is about 370000 yuan;

Therefore, one-time investment is larger. However, the production capacity of the high-frequency screen is 2.5~3 times that of the ordinary inclined screen. The ordinary round screen uses 1 to 2, that is, one sand making machine is equipped with two circular vibrating screens. The high-frequency screen often uses the scheme of 1 to 1. The one-time investment of the circular vibrating screen is about 180000 yuan less than that of the high-frequency screen.

  1. Operating cost

High frequency screening has high efficiency, large processing capacity and lower operating cost than ordinary inclined screen. According to statistical analysis, 657200 yuan/year can be saved according to the calculation and analysis of the capacity of high-frequency screen and the capacity of ordinary inclined screen.

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