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Technical expertise Polyrethane Sieve

Polyurethane sieve plates have various styles and are used in coal preparation plants to screen coal mines. They are light in weight, low in noise, and good in wear resistance. The sieve holes are rationally designed, not easy to block, with strong self-cleaning ability, energy saving and consumption reduction.

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Advantages of Polyrethane Sieve

The company uses many years of advanced mining equipment technology and rich experience to provide mining vibrating screens and Polyrethane sieve plates for both domestic and foreign markets. The company is equipped with a complete structure and has leading technology.

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Compared with other sieve plates, this Polyrethane Sieve plate has the advantages of high opening rate, light weight, good shock absorption, low noise and good wear resistance. The introduction of this product’s manufacturing technology has filled a gap in China. The product quality is at the international leading level, the product structure is reasonable, the installation is convenient, the manufacturing process is advanced, and the price advantage is highlighted, providing good services for domestic and foreign users of the equipment.

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