Do You Know The Production Condition Of Intelligent Monitoring System Of TSX Vibrating Screen?

  1. The utility model belongs to the technical field of mechanical vibrating screen and relates to an intelligent monitoring system for vibrating screen, which can be applied to material sorting and screening production.

Background Technology:

2 vibrating screen (tension screen, banana screen, linear screen, high frequency screen, etc.) as an important high efficiency classification, dehydration, desliming equipment, has been widely used in various industries, such as coal, steel, chemical industry, etc. Current screening equipment system at run time, because of the vibrating screen vibration intensity big.

If not the early detection of abnormal vibration, can make complex alternating stress for a long time make the screen body produces fatigue damage, leading to screen structure and beam crack of parts or rupture, great influence on sieve machine life and production safety, and even caused production downtime production accident, Cause huge economic loss.

Technical implementation elements:

  1. Based on the needs of reality and production practice, the technical personnel invested a lot of money, and after long-term research, to provide a shaker intelligent monitoring system.
  2. According to the technical scheme of the utility model patents, providing a vibrating screen intelligent monitoring system, which include vibrator monitoring module, the screen body monitoring module, data processing module and a central server, vibrator monitoring module used to monitor the working condition of vibrator, screen body monitoring module is used to sieve sieve body runtime vibration generated by the vibration monitoring data, Data processing module for the shaker monitoring module, the screen body monitoring module monitoring data collected real-time data collection, processing, sending to the central server, data processing module and the central server using optical fiber transmission.

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