Hand in hand, win-win cooperation l Rio Tinto Group visited Orui for inspection.

On September 22, Mark Robson, a screening and washing asset expert from Rio Tinto Group, and his delegation visited the AURY factory for a visit and exchange, and experienced AURY’s intelligent product system and advanced production technology up close. Rong Baoming, general manager of AURY Company, led the management and technical teams to carry out reception work, extending a warm welcome to and communicating with Rio Tinto Group customers from afar.

First, the AURY team led customers to visit the AURY factory and gave a detailed introduction to AURY products; secondly, they conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on the plan to replace the original vibrator of Rio Tinto Group to extend the service life of the screen machine. During this period, Rio Tinto customers have targeted smart products with high added value, and have shown strong interest in automated intelligent welding systems that integrate robot systems, welding systems, and process systems, as well as CMS online monitoring systems. They want to try to use the intelligent monitoring system to monitor screens in real time. It can detect the operating status of the body and exciter, realize early warning of abnormal conditions, reduce unplanned shutdowns, reduce workers’ labor intensity, and improve production capacity and work efficiency.

Through the AURY team’s detailed explanation, personal witnessing and personal experience, Rio Tinto Group has a deeper understanding of AURY’s production strength and R&D capabilities, and praises AURY’s development and changes. At the same time, it is also impressed by AURY’s good equipment performance and strong R&D capabilities, rich product categories, and professional after-sales services, and are full of expectations for AURY’s further growth in the future.

The visit of Rio Tinto Group has strengthened and stabilized the company’s external strategic cooperative relations. AURY will continue to pay high attention to product quality, continuously improve product competitiveness, and provide customers with better products and services. We look forward to working together with more domestic and foreign customers for common development!

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