How About The Frequency Of TSX Vibrating Screen?

As TSX vibrating screen equipment is widely used, more and more industries choose it. However, for first-time users, how to determine the working frequency and vibration of TSX vibrating screen has always been a concern.

Vibration frequency and amplitude are important parameters for the motion of vibrating screen. They determine the motion speed and acceleration of the screen body. We first determine the magnitude of vibration intensity, and then select reasonable amplitude and frequency according to the intensity. Generally, small vibrating screens use low frequency and large amplitude, and large vibrating screens such as dehydration screens use high frequency and small amplitude.

  1. Vibration intensity Vibration intensity is an important indicator. Vibration intensity is the ratio of motion acceleration and gravity acceleration of screen box. Generally, the vibration intensity of domestic vibrating screen is 3~4,
  2. Mechanical index is the ratio of larger acceleration and gravity acceleration of screen box, i.e. K=A ω 2/gn。 The larger the K value is, the greater the dynamic load on the machine is, which is more conducive to the improvement of the process index
  3. The smaller the value of vibration direction angle, the faster the processing capacity, and the larger the direction angle. The direction angle of fragile materials should be smaller, generally 35-50 °
  4. The size of the angle of the screen surface is closely related to the capacity and efficiency of the screening equipment. Generally, the inclined angle of the screen surface is between 0 ° and 8 °.

How to adjust the vibration frequency of linear vibrating screen?

The frequency of the vibrating screen mainly comes from the vibrating motor, so adjusting the frequency is to adjust the vibrating motor. There are fixed eccentric blocks and flow eccentric blocks on the vibration motor

Change the position of the flow eccentric block, that is, change the magnitude of the exciting force, and the amplitude will change accordingly. The frequency converter can also be used to change the power frequency, thereby changing the amplitude.

1、 Requirements for ground before installation

Before installing the linear screen, the ground should be hardened. The linear screen produced by the general vibrating screen manufacturer is placed horizontally, and the included angle between the linear screen and the hardened ground is 45. This design

The angle is obtained through many years of production time, and the screen machine can effectively achieve screening accuracy, output and screening efficiency when operating at this angle. But because of something special

It is required that the real line screen can also be produced under a gradient of 5 °: 10 ° (Note: because the materials screened by the real line vibrating screen are mostly granular, solid and liquid materials, the pioneer suggests an angle

It shall pass the standard so as not to affect the screening efficiency).

2、 Adjustment of screen machine angle

In many cases, due to production requirements, users will adjust the angle of the linear screen by themselves, which is achieved by adjusting the corresponding angle of the vibrating and rotating spring. We

It can be seen that there are four vibrating rotating springs of the linear screen, which are respectively on the four support feet of the screen machine. The vibrating rotary spring is the main device to reduce the vibration of the screen machine and the ground

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The ideal screening effect can also be achieved by properly adjusting the angle of vibrating rotation spring when there is a ground angle

 In special cases (the screening precision is required to be too high), the screen surface angle can also be negative.

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