How About The Quality Of 1 Layer Vibrating Sand Screening Machine?

TSX company has a variety of mining vibrating screen, here is a brief introduction to the characteristics of the vibrating screen machine. Vibrating Sand Screening Machine refers to a vibrating screen with one layer of screen frame and two outlets. Because some single impurities in the material are screened out during production, a single-layer vibrating screen is sufficient, but if it is necessary to screen a variety of materials with different meshes at the same time, a multi-layer vibrating screen is required for screening.

The difference between single-layer vibrating screen and multi-layer vibrating screen:

  1. For different materials: the single-layer vibrating screen can screen one material, and the multi-layer vibrating screen can screen multiple materials or a single material with multiple precision.
  2. The processing capacity is different: the processing capacity of the vibrating screen is determined by the diameter of the screen surface. Due to the stability and safety of the equipment, the diameter of the single layer will be higher than that of the multi-layer vibrating screen, so the output will also be higher than that of the multi-layer equipment.

The working characteristics of the vibrating screen:

①Block eccentricity is used as the exciting force, and the exciting force is strong.

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②The screen girder adopts high-strength bolts, which is simple in structure and easy to operate.

③The structure of small amplitude, high frequency and large inclination makes the machine have high screening efficiency, long service life and low power consumption.

Vibrating screens have a wide range of applications, involving almost every aspect of life. The scope of application of TSX Vibrating Sand Screening Machine can include mines, coal, gold mines, copper mines, ruby mines, smelting, building materials, aggregates and other industries.

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