How About The Quality Of TSX Vibrating Screen?

TSX vibrating screen is a high quality vibrating screen exporter, with high-frequency screen, banana screen, linear screen, circular vibrating screen, crusher, flaccid screen, feeder and so on, the components are made of high-quality structural steel, and are sandblasted, painted anti-corrosion treatment, all the mating surface is waterproof sealing treatment, can operate in a harsh environment and easy to install to adapt to the requirements of various scenarios.

Vibrating screen is widely used, with high efficiency, simple operation, low noise, etc. It has great use in mines, coal plants, mining plants, construction sites, etc. TSX vibrating screen manufacturer has many types and models of vibrating screen to choose from.

TSX vibrating screen is produced by the reciprocating rotary vibration of the exciter and work, different types of vibrating screen is different, there will be double exciter and single exciter, thus their trajectory is different, and the role is not the same, screening materials are not the same, where the screen plate will produce vibration under the action of force to drive the material in the screen plate to do jumping movement, screening.

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The vibrating screen has small power consumption and large production capacity, and the structure of the screen body is optimally designed by finite element analysis, with lightweight and high fatigue resistance, reliability, and service life. Its surface is sandblasted to Sa2.5 grade and then sprayed with polyurethane protective paint.

The screen body adopts high-quality American HUCK ring groove rivet clean seal assembly to avoid the corrosion of the bolt holding surface by wet material. The screen plate of the vibrating screen is also important to have a polyurethane screen plate and stainless steel screen plate, the stainless steel screen plate is wear-resistant, and the polyurethane screen plate is flexible and elastic.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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