How About The TSX Single Deck Sand Vibrating Screen?

TSX screening machines are used to screen or sort wet or dry materials, such as sand, aggregate, ash, etc., and classify them into several classes based on particle size like Deck Sand Vibrating Screen. All machines use high frequency vibrating equipment to drive polyurethane rectangular screens with thin screens.

TSX‘s unique dual vibration screening process screens even the most problematic materials, eliminating clogging and clogging of screen holes, saving downtime and improving productivity .

To ensure the most effective screening possible, a high acceleration force must be transmitted to the feed. TSX screens achieve these high strengths by using the principle of Dual Vibration to dynamically tighten and loosen the flexible cushions. Through resonance enhancement, a driver can produce two vibration motions.

The material from the feed evenly enters the feed inlet of the machine and produces various products and nonconforming products on or under the screen through multi-layer screens, which are then discharged separately from the outlet.

The TSX vibrating screen can be divided into Deck Sand Vibrating Screen, light and fine vibrating screen, experimental vibrating screen, linear vibrating screen, circular vibrating screen, high frequency vibrating screen, double-layer vibrating screen, single layer vibrating screen, etc.

Materials are separated and graded before and after the crushing stage using screens throughout processing. During the initial phase, full-scale cleaning of the screen removes fines before the feed enters the primary crusher, helping to protect worn parts of the crusher from abrasives or size-specific sand. Without peeling, primary crusher liners wear faster and require more frequent downtime for replacement and maintenance.

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TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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