How Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of TSX Vibrating Screen Presented?

The vibrating screen is mainly composed of motor, vibrator, screen box and support device.The motor drives the main shaft of the shale shaker to rotate through the V-belt, because the centrifugal inertia force on the weight of the shale shaker is unbalanced, which makes the screen box vibrate.

Now let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the vibrating screen.

The first is the advantages of vibrating sieve powder machine:

  1. Because the screen box of the screen vibrates very strongly, it can reduce the situation that materials will block the screen hole, which greatly improves its screening efficiency.
  2. It has a wide range of series and light weight, which can meet the screening needs of all materials.
  3. Another advantage is that it consumes less energy per ton of screened materials.

The second is the vibration screen powder machine shortcomings:

1, for high moisture, adhesion material, the model is not suitable, vibration when working to make the material more tightly adhered to the screen surface, resulting in material congestion or forced to stop.

  1. Due to the limitation of its working principle, the energy consumption of the vibrating screen is higher when the production is large.
  2. It is noisy and dusty when working.

Special attention should be paid to the maintenance of the vibrating screen: it is necessary to regularly check whether the coarse screen, fine screen and spring are fatigue and damaged, and whether the body parts are damaged due to vibration.

Vibrating screen is the main industrial equipment that can screen materials on the market at present.However, vibrating screen has many unique advantages, which can make it a first-line choice for various industrial applications. You are worth considering and choosing.


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