How Can The TSXvibrating Screen Bearing Housing Be Removed Properly?

If the vibrating screen bearing is not properly removed, it will cause damage inside the bearing, and the pollutants will enter the vibrating sieve bearing, which may cause errors during the reinstallation. Therefore, the disassembly of the vibrating sieve bearing must pay more attention to, the shaft center should have the appropriate support, otherwise the strength of the disassembly will damage the bearing.

  1. Removal of the periphery.

On the periphery of the shell and slowly tighten the screw while removing. These screw holes are usually covered with blind plug, with several cuts on the housing retaining shoulder of the vibration sieve cone roller bearing, using cushion blocks, remove with a press, or knock while removing.

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  1. Disassembly of the vibration sieve cylinder hole bearing.

The disassembly of the inner circle can make the pressure equipment easier to pull out, and pay attention to make the inner ring evenly stressed.

The oil pressure method is generally used for removing the inner coil removal of large vibrating screen bearings. We then put the oil hole on the shaft to apply the oil pressure, so that the bearing seat to pull out.The wider bearing is used with the pull card to start the removal work.

Inner ring removal of NU and NJ cylindrical roller vibrating sieve bearings must use induction heating.This method is mainly to heat the local area in a short time, let the inner circle shrink and then pull out.

  1. Disassembly of the cone-bore bearing.

Remove the smaller compact sleeve bearing, support the inner ring with the block fixed on the shaft, then rotate the nut for several times, and finally knock on the pad with the hammer to complete the disassembly.

Only this procedure will remove the vibraker bearing seat intact.

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