How Do You Calculate Bed Depth On A TSX Vibrating Screen?

The vibrating screen bed of the vibrating screens is operated by the vibrating motor of the vibrating screen to screen the materials. The material is thrown up to the top and then falls straight down.

The materials smaller than the screen mesh will pass through the screen hole to the lower layer. The materials screened through the continuous screening movement of the vibrating screens will be discharged through the screen opening.


Vibrating screens are available with a wide range of decks for more efficient screening, as well as different types of screen plates for different vibrating screens. Vibrating screens movement is characterized by high frequency, small amplitude, This will achieve the role of the vibrating screens in the industry of screening, grading, and disintermediation.

The particles of the screened materials will be uniform, The vibrating screen has high precision, simple structure, convenient operation and high efficiency, and is suitable for filtering and screening of various materials.

Vibrating screens depth of the granular bed on the sieve. The bed depth of the shaker does not exceed 4 times the mesh size of the screen plate. The thickness of the sieve bed for flow rate is up to him,the width b of the screen and the moving speed of the material along the screen surface.


If the material to be screened is large, wide and slow screening is the most appropriate, because it will make the material vibrate and jump more evenly on the vibrating screens, so as to facilitate better screening.

The bed depth of the vibrating screens is calculated as follows:

DBD =  5 x T x W = Inches of Bed Depth


DBDDischarge End Bed Depth
O =Oversize in STPH
C =Cubic Feet Per Ton of Material
5 =Formula Constant
T =Rate of Travel (nominal 75 fpm for inclined screen at slope of 18º to 20º with flow rotation and nominal 45 fpm for horizontal screen)
W =Width of Screening Area in Feet
TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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