How do you use a centrifuge step by step?

Filter centrifuge is the main equipment used for coal dewatering in coal preparation plants, and it has three structural forms: WSL Horizontal Vibrating Centrifuge, ML Horizontal Scraper Centrifuge, and AML Vertical Scraper Centrifuge.

  1. WSL Horizontal Vibrating Centrifuge Basket is a device that uses high-speed rotating screen baskets and vibration force to remove water from materials. It is mainly used for dewatering of fine coal or medium coal in coal preparation plants. Its working principle is as follows: the material is evenly fed into the screen basket through the feeding device, and the screen basket is driven by an electric motor to rotate at a high speed, generating a strong centrifugal force to remove the water from the material, thereby achieving dewatering.

Operating steps of horizontal vibrating centrifuge:

Inspection and preparation:

  1. Ensure that all connecting pipes are clean and free of foreign objects.
  2. Check that the oil level in the oil tank is not lower than the mark.
  3. Verify that the motor power supply is correctly connected and that there are no loose bolts.
  4. Confirm that the oil pump and drum rotate in the correct direction.

Empty operation:

  1. Open the cooling water valve.
  2. Loosen the locking nut and rotate the flow control handwheel of the adjustment pump to the minimum flow.
  3. Start the oil pump motor and adjust the pump flow to lubricate the moving parts of the machine.
  4. Start the main motor and confirm that the drum rotation direction matches the label indication.
  5. Continue to run the main motor for more than 30 minutes and check various items such as operation without friction or significant noise, absence of loose or deformed parts, normal functioning of the hydraulic system without leakage, and stable oil pressure.

Operation and adjustment:

  1. Start the oil pump motor and run for 3 to 5 minutes.
  2. Start the main motor.
  3. Open the bottom valve of the crystallization tank and add the material evenly.
  4. Pay attention to the separation of the machine, adjust factors such as material temperature, concentration, and feed rate to select the best operating parameters.
  5. Frequently observe the running current, oil pressure, and temperature, etc.
  6. When the material is blocked, pause the main motor for a moment, remove the blockage, and then start the motor to resume normal operation. Otherwise, stop and inspect.

Shutdown operation:

  1. Close the bottom valve of the crystallization tank to stop the supply of boring material.
  2. Adjust the pump flow to slow down the pushing frequency, and then stop the main motor.
  3. After the drum stops rotating, stop the oil pump motor.
  4. Use wooden or metal tools to remove the filter cake from the drum.
  5. Start the oil pump motor, then start the main motor, open various flushing valves, clean the inside and outside of the drum screen, discharge port, and contact parts with the material.
  6. Close the cooling water inlet valve.
  7. ML Horizontal Scraper Centrifuge is a continuous operation, intermittent operation filter centrifuge, which can be controlled automatically or manually. The feeding, separation, washing, dewatering, discharging, and filter cloth regeneration processes of the centrifuge are generally completed at full speed, with a short cycle time, large processing capacity, and can obtain drier filter cake and good washing effect.

Operating steps of ML Horizontal Scraper Centrifuge:

Inspection and preparation:

  1. Check if the electrical connections are correct.
  2. Ensure that the external power supply is connected and grounded reliably.
  3. Check the position of the main switch.
  4. Ensure that the fastening screws, bolts, and nuts are fixed and there are no foreign objects in the drum.
  5. Check the lubrication status in the bearing box and the oil level in the hydraulic station.

Startup operation:

  1. Adjust the centrifuge to the washing mode, and after running smoothly, open the washing valve to perform washing according to the process requirements.
  2. After the washing is completed, close the washing valve, adjust the centrifuge to the high-speed drying mode, and prepare for discharging when no liquid is thrown out or when the process requirements are met.
  3. After connecting the discharge port to the material trough or conveying pipeline, adjust the centrifuge to the discharge mode, and after the speed stabilizes, open the scraper to discharge the material.

III. AML Vertical Scraper Centrifuge is a commonly used chemical equipment. Its main function is to separate solid particles or precipitates from the suspension to achieve solid-liquid separation. This equipment adopts a vertical structure and has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, and safety and reliability.

Operating steps of AML Vertical Scraper Centrifuge:


Open the corresponding bottom valve of the kettle to allow the liquid to enter the machine along the feeding pipe and evenly adhere to the drum wall.

Full loading:

  1. After the material is filled, close the bottom valve of the kettle.
  2. If there is remaining material in the pipeline, you can open the steam blowing valve to empty it.

Separation stage:

  1. Click the separation speed button, at this time, the speed of the drum will gradually increase, entering the separation stage.
  2. Under the action of centrifugal force, most of the liquid in the material passes through the filter screen, filter cloth, and small holes on the drum wall and is thrown out.
  3. It flows into the mother liquor tank through the circular discharge outlet on the chassis.

Please note that the specific operating steps may vary between different models of centrifuges. Before use, be sure to refer to the device’s operating manual or consult a professional.

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