How Does A TSX Vibrating Screen Work?

The TSX vibrating screen is excited by the operation of the motor, which makes the vibrator vibrate. The vibrating parts are connected by the spring to form a compound spiral vibration. When the upper and lower weights overlap and the phase angle is 0 °, the materials will diverge from the middle to the outside; When the phase angle of the heavy hammer block is 90 degrees, the materials will converge to the center.

Vibrating screen is a commonly used screening equipment in the production of machine-made sand, and all parts of the vibrating screen have their functions and advantages.

The upper rotating hammer of the vibrator will cause plane vibration on the surface of the TSX vibrating screen. The screen box is suspended by the suspender spring. The screen box is placed on a rigid support. The bearing of the transmission shaft is fixed on the screen box.

The center of the bearing is in a straight line with the center of the belt pulley. The rotary table of the transmission shaft is hung with an eccentric weight. When the transmission shaft is driven by the motor through the belt, the screen box will produce circular vibration due to the inertia force of the eccentric weight.

When the material enters the screen surface, it forms the vibration mass with the screen frame, and the whole vibration system is formed under the support of the vibration isolation spring. Both ends of the main shaft of the exciter are respectively equipped with symmetrical and equal eccentric masses. Under the support of bearings at both ends of the machine, the power of the motor transmitted by the tire coupling drives the main shaft of the exciter to rotate.

Through the key connection, the two groups of eccentric blocks on the shaft end are driven to rotate, generating a certain centrifugal force, which makes the entire vibration mass vibrate in an elliptical path.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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