How Does A TXS High Frequency Screen Work?

For high frequency vibrating screen, we know that it is used for screening and grading of fine material special equipment.But you may not know much about how it works.Next I will from its equipment characteristics, operating principles to let you more clearly more intuitive understanding.

The working characteristics of high frequency screens machine have the following points:

High frequency screening is designed to increase yield by removing fine particles from screening or post-screen applications.Secondly,We think it’s best to screen good material at a faster rate.Then,The high frequency screens is fast and the radical 3600 RPM is applied directly to the screen.

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In simple terms, the speed of the vibration motor can be changed by the provided variable speed drive.

High-frequency screens uses 3600-4200RPM high-speed vibration to directly sense the screen media, allowing increased layering and material separation.

High-frequency screens induced vibrating directly into the media.At up to four thousand two hundred revolutions per minute. Increasing your operations rate of production and probability of separation variable speed hydraulic or electric vibrators. Allow for optional screen efficiency depending on your application. The high frequency screens were designed to reduce downtime.The unique rotary tension system provides the fastest screen media changes. In the market and with easy section-by section screen. Replacement maintenance interruptions will be considerably reduced.

Our screens are also equipped with a hydraulic screen angle adjustment system to quickly and effortlessly change angles. Our high frequency screens designed with performance and easy maintenance. In mind are the ultimate choice for controlling fines in both wet and dry applications .Increase production on by incorporating a high frequency screen at the beginning of your system .To remove fines and alleviate the bottom deck of your conventional screen.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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