How Does A Vibrating Screen Work?

There are many kinds of sieves nowadays. Each screen has its own characteristics, different functions, different vibrators, different feed sizes, and different functions. Some can handle dry materials and some can handle wet materials. The vibrating screen machine is used to throw materials on the upper layer and then directly fall. The materials screened through the continuous screening motion of the vibrating screen will be discharged through the screen hole.

The moving track is circular. Through the vibration, the screen surface will also receive the vibration force.. Large materials will stay on the screen surface and finally be discharged from the outlet. The inclination angle is generally 15-25 degrees.

During operation, the vibrating screen will produce very unstable movement. The process of vibrating crushed stone separating bulk materials into different particle grades through one or more layers of vibrating crushed stone surface is called screening.

The vibrating screening machine is used to make the screened materials and screen surface produce relative movement, so that some particles pass through the screen hole for many times, and to divide the sand, gravel, minerals and other materials into different grades according to the particle size of the vibrating screening machine.

The screening process of the vibrating screening machine is generally continuous. The raw materials are screened to the screening machine (screen for short), and the materials smaller than the size of the screen hole pass through the screen hole, which is called undersize products; The material larger than the size of the screen hole is discharged continuously from the screen surface, which is called the product on the screen.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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