How Does Adjust Different TSX Inclined Vibrating Screens?

When installing the TSX inclined vibrating screen, the screen surface slope should be adjusted according to the screened materials, which should be determined on the site according to the actual situation. Different types of TSX inclined vibrating screens have different screen surface angles. The common installation angle of the shale shaker is more than 30 degrees. The inclination angle of the universal vibrating screen is 0-15 degrees, while the inclination angle of the discharge end of the dehydration vibrating screen is 5-10 degrees. What is the installation slope range of different types of vibrating screens?

TSX horizontal vibrating screen is usually used in mineral processing and other industries. The screen surface of TSX horizontal vibrating screen needs to have a certain angle to promote the better blanking of materials. The angle between the screen and the horizontal plane is usually less than 15 degrees, and special materials can be screened. Increase the gradient, but it should not exceed 25 degrees. The TSX horizontal vibrating screen device also needs to fix the bracket on the ground to prevent it from moving during operation.

There are two support modes for TSX single shaft vibrating screen, suspension support and seat support. When the single shaft vibrating screen is installed on site, the screen surface inclination angle is about 20 degrees.

The above is about the installation slope range of different types of vibrating screen. If you want to know more about the quotation of TSX inclined vibrating screens, you can consult by email or telephone.

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