How Does Propel The TSX Vibrating Screen?

There are a lot of screening equipment in coal processing plants, so the requirements for screening equipment are getting higher and higher. It is not only required to vibrating screen have high productivity, better screening efficiency or dewatering effect, lower power consumption; but also, to have simple structure, easy manufacturing, easy installation and maintenance and other mechanical properties.

Due to the above-mentioned poor performance of drum screen and cylinder screen, it is restricted in use and gradually replaced by vibrating screen with good process effect, simple construction, and convenient maintenance.

Vibrating screens propel position and way of speaking, mainly from the transmission principle. The main principle of vibrating screen transmission: vibrating screen transmission guide plate is mainly used as the transmission hub of vibration power when the vibrating screen is running. The synthetic excitation force is transmitted to the whole screen surface through the upward inclined transmission direction, forcing the material on the screen surface to jump forward.

When judging whether there is any problem with lubrication, the maintenance personnel shall use tools to turn the machine after the equipment is powered off, and observe whether there is any jamming; In case of jamming, check whether the eccentric blocks interfere with each other and eliminate the mechanical fault in time;

If there is no jamming problem, it is necessary to open the exciter, check whether the bearing has been seriously worn, and mainly observe the wear of the bearing cage. Through the above inspections, the problem of excessive temperature of the exciter can be solved.

A reasonable installation angle is the standard for material screening permeability.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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