How Does Single Deck Sand Vibrating Screen Work?

TSX single deck sand vibrating screen is TSX mining vibration equipment specially designed for bulk materials.

There are many types of TSX single deck sand vibrating screens, take Circular Motion Vibrating screens as an example:

TSX single deck sand vibrating screen–Circular Motion Vibrating screens take a circular motion as the vibration track. It is a device specially designed by TSX for sand and gravel plants and quarries to achieve the function of screening materials. The same single deck sand vibrating screen can also be used in coal preparation plants, mineral processing plants, building materials plants, power companies and chemical plants.

TSX Circular Motion Vibrating screens use the RDQ series of circular vibrators, adjust the amplitude by means of offset blocks, and use advanced rivets to link the assembled frame structure, so as to achieve the purpose of improving the service life of the equipment.

The spring used in TSX Circular Motion Vibrating screens can teach the basic impact force of the equipment, which is a new type of high-efficiency vibrating screen.

The screen body of TSX Circular Motion Vibrating screens makes the whole equipment move in a circular trajectory through the circular vibrator, so that the materials are thrown on the screen body to improve the screening efficiency.

The sieve plate can be punched sieve plate, rod sieve plate (large stone), woven sieve plate of manganese steel, stainless steel, wear-resistant material, etc. according to the size of the stone material.

TSX Circular Motion Vibrating screens:A special round tube with weld complete joint penetration , adopt first-degree of UT and magnetic powder inspection, heat treatment to eliminate welding stress. Lighter but stronger, has been introduced in making the beams. A layer of polyurethane has been sprayed on the beam surface to ensure the beam to be erosion-resistance and scour-resistance.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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