How Does The High Frequency Vibrating Mine Screen Work?

TSX – high frequency vibrating mine screen, it is not only used for the classification and dehydration of delicate or tiny materials and slime recovery but also especially suitable for slime dewatering before the plate and frame filter press system. The high-frequency vibrating mine screen is a high-efficiency linear vibrating screen with 2-angle screen surfaces.

It is optimized by applying the principle of linear screening and linear vibration theory. The two vibration motors installed on the excitation beam directly provide sufficient excitation force and transmit it reliably and smoothly. Power and linear vibrating force make the sieve body directional vibrate the material according to the predetermined frequency, starting from the feeding end to the end of the discharging end, and dehydrating through the sieve surface.

In addition, since the sieve vibrates vertically, the coarser particles are lifted higher and the finer particles are closer to the screen mesh, and the purpose is achieved. In some high-frequency vibrating mine screens, the flow rate of the feed can be more controlled, and if the flow rate is reduced, the effect will also be reduced.

The main confirmation of the high-frequency vibrating mine screen is that the screen holes of the screen mesh are usually relatively small and are easily blocked. As time goes by, the separation efficiency will decrease, and the screen mesh needs to be replaced. For the replacement screen mesh, the sieve plate can be made of stainless steel with a polyurethane frame or all polyurethane slotted screen mesh.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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