How Does The Linear Vibrating Screen Classifier Work?

TSX linear vibrating screen classifier works with a straight line as the movement track. In order to complete the material screening, the equipment will combine the excitation force provided by the vibration equipment with the gravity of the material to be screened, and the material will be screened on the screening surface.

The TSX linear vibrating screen classifier can be used to automate work in pipeline processes.

The highest screening mesh of TSX linear vibrating screen classifier can reach 325 mesh. Materials with 7 different particle sizes can be screened out according to different materials.

The TSX linear vibrating screen classifier is mainly aimed at the large-scale screening and grading of the coal industry with relatively large particles or sand and gravel aggregates and other non-coal industries. It also has the functions of material dehydration and de-intermediation. Applicable material particle range is 0-300.

The TSX linear vibrating screen classifier selects ZDQ series vibrator.

TSX has a professional R&D and design team. After several years of unremitting efforts, the structural design of the vibration equipment adopts modern design methods, and the advanced computer finite element analysis method is applied to the entire TSX product design process.

This is The TSX linear vibrating screen classifier, I believe this is the reason why many customers choose TSX linear vibrating screen classifier.

At present, TSX Company has an annual production capacity of more than 380 sets, and produces various types of vibrating screens and other products all over the world.

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