How Does The TSX High Frequency Vibrating Screen Work?

High frequency vibrating screen is one of the main products of TSX vibrating screen, for high frequency screen, is used for dewatering screening equipment, high frequency screen is the use of synchronous exciter equipment, driven by the excitation force, the screen machine to do high frequency linear motion, drive the screen plate screen surface to do high frequency motion, screen box stationary. TSX high frequency screen has high efficiency, simple operation, low noise and other characteristics.

 High frequency vibrating screen is different from other equipment, high-frequency sieve frequency, will destroy the material surface tension, so that the material on the screen plate vibration at high speed, speed up the separation of materials, increase the probability of contact between the object and the screen hole, more efficient to make the material sieving formed a better separation conditions.

High-frequency vibrating screen can be used for wet separation, dewatering, which will have different screening methods for different materials, for high-frequency sieve, wet screening Installation is generally the inclination angle of about 25 degrees, according to the size of the feed to adjust the inclination angle of the screen surface, when the inclination angle of 55 degrees when the screening efficiency up to about 75%.
 High frequency vibrating screen will improve the recovery rate of solid materials, wet materials then do not need a large amplitude, the need for high frequency or will destroy the aluminum layer, the movement should be characterized by high frequency, low amplitude.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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