How Does The TSX Vibrating Screen Grader Work?

TSX vibrating screen is divided into five types for classification: linear screen, banana screen, flip screen, circular motion vibrating screen and grizzly feeder.

Sieve Bends Sand Mesh Sieve

TSX horizontal vibrating screen, banana vibrating screen, part of relaxation vibrating screen and grizzly feeder use ZDQ series double axis vibrators. The exciting force generated by ZDQ double axis vibrators drives the sieve plate to vibrate, making the materials entering the vibrating screen move forward in a straight line. Due to gravity and inertia, some of the materials are under the sieve plate and some are still on the sieve plate.

The TSX circular motion vibrating screen and some relaxation vibrating screens use RDQ circular vibrators. The working principle of the circular vibrators is the same as that of the ZDQ vibrators. The only difference is that the movement track of the RDQ circular vibrators is circular or quasi circular.

RDQ Series Vibration Exciter For Dehydration Vibrating Screen ZDQ Series Vibration Exciter For Dehydration Vibrating Screen

TSX horizontal vibrating screen and banana vibrating screen are used to grade large and medium size coal or non-coal materials, so woven sieve plate, bar sieve plate, perforated sieve plate and slotted sieve plate are used; TSX round vibrating screen is used for primary and secondary classification of conventional materials, so perforated screen plate, bar screen plate and braided screen plate are used; The TSX relaxation vibrating screen is used to screen viscous materials that are difficult to screen. The combination of fixed sieve plate and relaxation sieve plate with TSX grizzly feeder is used for feeding and prescreening. The sieve plate is made of wear-resistant materials.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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