How Does The TSX Vibrating Screen Work In A Coal Preparation Plant?

TSX vibrating screen are widely used, and there are many kinds of vibrating screen. They are used for all kinds of vibrating screen, flip screens, circular vibrating screen, arc screens, centrifuges and other washing equipment required for desliming, media removal, dehydration and classification, and they are also widely used in coal preparation plants. TSX coal vibrating screen has the characteristics of long service life, simple structure, high efficiency and small floor area.

For the factors such as the particle size and moisture of the material, the banana screen is the most appropriate for the coal preparation plant. For the block, the circular vibrating screen and the banana screen can be used. For the desliming, the linear screen and the banana screen can be used. Vibrating screen is an important type of coal preparation machinery, which can operate under harsh conditions

During the operation of the coal shale shaker, driven by the vibration exciter, the coal in the coal shale shaker is thrown up and down on the screen, and these materials are graded on the screen. Because the screen itself will have a curvature, which will make the materials pass quickly and move forward in a straight line. When passing through the screen.

The coal dust with large aperture, such as wood chips and wire fragments, will be trapped at the top of the screen, some coal dust will enter the bottom of the screen, and the well screened coal dust will be collected together through the discharge port. The coal screen will have two or three layers of configuration, and the configuration of the screen is also related to the degree of material the customer wants.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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