How Does The Vibrating Circular Screen Work?

Perhaps you have also had this question: How does the circular vibrating screen work?

Let me introduce to you today:

The vibration track is special and widely used. The circular vibration track is suitable for many industries, such as mining, building materials, coal and sand aggregates and other non-coal industries.

The TSX circular vibrating screen adopts a special design structure, so the life of the vibrating screen is greatly extended, and the vibrating screen is not easy to be damaged, which can greatly reduce the number of maintenance and the time for maintenance, which can greatly improve production efficiency.

It is a kind of Multi-layer, high-efficiency new vibrating screen; the screen body vibrates on an elliptical track through a circular vibrator, so that materials are thrown back on the screen surface and the screening efficiency is improved.

The circular vibrating screen is mainly used to classify and screen primary and secondary large materials.

The vibrating circular screen selected by the RDQ vibrator can be punched sieve plate, bar sieve plate (large stone), woven sieve plate of manganese steel, stainless steel, wear-resistant material, etc. according to the size of the stone material.(The mesh size can be customized as your request. The layer also can make as your requirement.)

Circular vibrating screens are very popular in coal and non-coal industries. Due to its functional characteristics are more targeted, circular vibrating screens are particularly important in the entire design process of coal washing plants, iron mines, etc.

This is also the reason why more and more people are curious about vibrating circular screens and want to know more.

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