How Does The Vibrating Mine Screen Work?

TSX vibrating mine screen. TSX is oriented to the international market, providing various vibrating screens, relaxation screens, circular vibrating screens, curved screens, centrifuges, etc. Select a device.

TSX has an internationally leading R&D design, manufacturing, quality control, marketing, and after-sales service team. With high-end and precise CNC horizontal machining center, CNC vertical machining center, CNC gantry milling machine, three-coordinate measuring instrument and more than ten kinds of main processing equipment, the high quality and high precision of product manufacturing can be reliably guaranteed.

The working product of the TSX vibrating mine screen has the following characteristics:

  1. Light weight, low power consumption, large material handling capacity, screening efficiency > 95%, large amplitude (9-12mm), vibration intensity can reach 5G. Auri relaxation sieve can produce

2.50G acceleration, amplitude 13-18mm, so it can handle 3-6mm viscous and difficult-to-sieve materials, thus effectively solving the problem of sieve hole blockage and low screening efficiency.

3.The working noise is low, the noise level within 1 meter is lower than 80 decibels, and the operation is stable

TSX vibrating mine screen-High frequency vibrating screen:The vibrating motors with the same parameters are installed on the exciter beam run in the opposite direction at the same time. The component of forces which is perpendicular to vibrating direction have been killed and The component of forces which is parallel to vibrating direction have been added up together to be linear vibrating force, the screen can vibrated on the springs by the vibrating force, meantime, the springs can reduce the dynamic load of screen.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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