How Does The Vibration Amplitude Affect The Screening Efficiency Of The TSX Vibrating Screen?

TSX Vibrating screen is a screening machine which is mainly used in the construction, coal mining and energy industries. It is used to grade, dehydrate, desliming and desludging ore or coal. Its movement is due to the vibration exciter in the vibrating screen, which drives the screen body to vibrate, and the screen body drives the screen plate to vibrate, so that the screened material can do circular motion or linear upward motion to screen the object. The amplitude of vibrating screen will affect the screening efficiency of vibrating screen to a certain extent.

The amplitude of the TSX vibrating screen will be selected according to the size, humidity and viscosity of the sieved material. For example, when the particles of the sieved material are small, humid and sticky, and it is difficult to screen, we usually set them to low frequency and large amplitude.

When the amplitude of the TSX vibrating screen is large, the screen hole is less likely to be blocked, and the sieved material is easier to be screened. Therefore, we need to select the corresponding amplitude and vibration frequency for sieves with different properties and sizes at different screening stages.


The vibration exciter of TXS vibrating screen adopts SKF special vibration bearing, which has super exciting force and long service life. It is also characterized by light structure, good sealing, fast heat dissipation, low noise, convenient maintenance, durability and reliability. The swing block of the TSX shale shaker is equipped with a variety of block filling methods, which can combine the eccentric torque or excitation of large variables.

Its force meets different vibration indexes and application requirements. Magnetic oil plugs are used to timely absorb iron filings in gear lubricating oil, improve the quality of grease, and make the screening efficiency of TSX shale shaker reach a higher level.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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