How Does TSX Vibrating Screen Gold Mining Work?

The TSX vibrating screen works at double rotation of the vibrator. the rotating weight of the upper part of the vibrator vibrates the sieve surface on the plane, and the lower rotating weight causes the sieve surface to vibrate on the cone.

Its cumulative effect is a double rotation of the screen surface. Its is a complex spatial curve. A curve is a circle on a horizontal plane, an ellipse on a vertical plane. Study of the selection process of materials shows that the selection of TSX materials can be divided into two stages.

1.Fine-grained material smaller than the size of the sieve reaches the surface of the sieve through a layer of material consisting of coarse material;

2.Fine-grained material is sifted through a sieve on the sieve surface.

Material reaching the surface of the sieve can move smoothly, since its size is smaller than the size of the hole. Finally, the separation of particulate matter and fine material is completed, the sorting process is completed. However, complete separation in site is not possible. In the time-sharing process, generally, some fine particles of material left in the screening on the coarse particle of material cannot seep out. Research shows that although fine material is smaller than a sieve, it is easy to screen. compared to holes, the smaller the grain size, the easier and more difficult it is to screen.

The TSX vibrating screen motion screen is driven by two unbalanced motors or an unbalanced exciter

There are two shafts (two gear-force synchronous shafts with unbalanced counterweights). On the inside.

In both cases, their axes rotate in opposite directions to produce linear vibrations. Because the vibrator

The assembly of a TSX vibrating screen motion screen consists of two axes.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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